The routine management of the college is headed by the principal with several personal directly assisting him. Together they ensure the smooth running of the college and ensure the staff and students are supplied with the services they require.

The Vice Principal assist the Principal in leading the College, and in doing so to ensure that the College succeeds in its mission, achieves its strategic aims and objectives, and fulfils its responsibilities.

The Registrar is in charge of managing students, courses, and grades, and is assisted by the deputy registrar.

The Finance Manager oversees the distribution of college resources and handles the payroll

The Principal Librarian is in charge of acquiring and maintaining learning resources, including the libraries’ lending books

The College IT maintains the college’s computer network along with this website and the College eAPP.


At the academic level, the Heads of Schools and Units are the technical advisers to central administration and are responsible for supervising and managing their respective schools or units providing professional leadership.

To ensure wider participation and exchange of ideas there is a monthly senior management meeting. The principal, Vice Principal and their assistants, and the heads of schools and units attend to discuss issues, share information and chart the forward development of the college.