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How to join a classroom

There are many ways to join a classroom. In this announcement, we will show the various ways. Do what works for you.

To do this, you must be connected to the internet.

You can use a phone or computer. We highly recommend you to use Chrome (Chrome is a browser). Look at the screenshot below.

If chrome is open, in the address bar on top, type in and press Enter/Go/Next.

Depending on your situation, you might see the following:

If this is what you see, click Go to Classroom, otherwise see below.

If this is what you see, enter your Gambia College email and click Next.

Now Enter your password and click on Next

If your college email is what you see here, click CONTINUE, otherwise click the small triangle arrow on the right and choose your college email. Make sure your college is the active one before clicking continue.

Depending on your situation you might see something like this below. If this is what you see click I’M A STUDENT.

Next, you will see something like this below. The + sign on the right is what you use to join a class click it and enter one class code at a time.

Next enter the class code and click on join. Join might sometimes on top right corner.

If it is successful, you will see something like this with the class details.

Congratulation if you make it this far.

Now to add another class see the screenshot below

Click on Classes

And click on the + sign on the right again

Annika Strooper

Visiting IT Support Staff
Office of Information Technology

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