Our Vision and Mission

The Vision of the College is to contribute to the development of middle-level capacity for professionals in the service sectors of Education, Agriculture and Health for the purpose of alleviating poverty and improving socio-economic development.

The College aims to ensure that institutional goals consistent with the goals set by the government of The Gambia for the development of the human resource base necessary for youths to participate as fully as possible in the development processes of the country.

It is also strongly envisaged that the College will evolve as a constituent School/Department of the integrated University of The Gambia.


The College is committed to its Mission which is to:

  1. Provide trained and skilled middle-level personnel in the areas of Education, Agriculture and Health in its four constituent Schools of Education, Agriculture, Nursing and Midwifery and Public Health
  2. Conduct research and develop curricula necessary for quality, relevant and accessible education in accordance with Gambia’s education policies
  3. Introduce innovative ideas and approaches in its training with a view to creating an enabling learning environment for continuous professional development
  4. Support the policy of Education for All (EFA) with specific reference to gender equity and equality for the socio-economic development of the country